Shop with the big windows

Shop with the big windows

Popped into the shop with the big windows yesterday. They’ve done a job in there. Seems like extra retail space, utilised better etc.

I did notice they didn’t seem to have any Suzuki machines in there (I think!?). For instance, a few months ago the new Gixer 1000 had pride of place along with some others. Thinking back today, I don’t think I saw any Suzukis at all.

Large amount of space, relatively speaking, allocated to scooters and electric variants too.

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VRT – yamaha rd 125

VRT – yamaha rd 125

Hi All,

I need help, simple quest, plese:

“For used vehicles, you must provide documentation approved by the Revenue commissioners confirming the CO2 emissions (only applicable to category A vehicles).”

Do I need what? special form for it or what – Thanks for help :smileee:

I have Yamaha Rd125 lc 1986 from Europe

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Opinions on the Ducati Scrambler

Opinions on the Ducati Scrambler

Hey lads,

I’ve been off the bike for about 2 years now after selling my Street Triple R. To be honest, the reason why I sold the Triumph was I had a significant injury and between that and my lack of control over my right hand (throttle not wanking) I was worried I was going to make it worse! Loved it.

I want to get back on a bike for a 15k commute in and out of the city.

I’m a big fan of classic style/naked bikes. I have been considering things like the Scrambler/Bonneville after looking at the Royal Enfields and Heralds and coming to the conclusion that they were poor.

I’m close to pulling the trigger on the Cafe Racer Scrambler but wanted to know any experienced feedback. It has a good power to weight ratio, a driving position I like, seem’s quite controllable for a busy commute and it looks cool imo.

Any thoughts?

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Green card

Green card

I’m with liberty for bike and cage

I got 2 green card/disks in the door today for

A no deal option

Any body else got theres yet ?

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Insuring another person on my bike

Insuring another person on my bike

How’s it going lads.

Just wanted to ask a quick question about insurance and putting someone else on your policy.

My brother is coming home from the UK for a few days but has no way of getting around so I said I’d try put him on my bike policy. I rang CN last week just to see if it was possible and they raised no red flags and told me how much it would cost. Fast forward to this evening and rang the fuckers to pay the charge and now they tell me they won’t cover him – that he has to be resident here for 6 months of the year!

My question is – is there any of the other insurers that would allow this or do they all have the same attitude?


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