Cager Jailed For Hitting Biker at 70mph

Cager Jailed For Hitting Biker at 70mph

A cager has been jailed for 16 months in the UK, and banned from driving for 3 years for taking a left hand bend at 70mph, drifting into the opposite lane and hitting a biker head on.
The biker suffered a broken back, a broken sternum and a broken wrist in the crash, but he survived, probably because he was wearing an airbag suit at the time,


Addressing the Nottingham man as he passed the sentence, Judge David Dixon said: “Anyone in control of a high-powered sports type cage needs to be aware of the vehicle’s capability and their own capability.

“You failed to take any account of the bend that led to this incident. The message must go out loud and clear. If you drive any vehicle you must drive with care.”


If that was over here, the driver would probably have got a slap on the wrist. Or, if it was a woman, the bike rider would probably have had to pay her compensation for distress.

Source: Cager Jailed For Hitting Biker at 70mph