For Sale : GT Avalanche 3.0 hardtail MTB

For Sale : GT Avalanche 3.0 hardtail MTB

Bike Make :GT

Bike Model :Avalanche

Year :2013

Price : €220 euro to members:thumbsup2:

Mileage :n/a

Colour :Red

Extras :Cateye strada wireless computer, upgraded pedals

Overall Bike Condition :Good

Tyre/Chain/Sprocket Condition :All good

Service History/Receipts/Recent Service work : see dd add

Non Restricted/Shop Restricted/Factory Restricted : Restricted only by the rider:lbhbh:

Bike Location :Westmeath

Irish/English Registered :n/a

Any Other Relevant Info : bike is cycling perfect apart from needing a headset bearing shortly. Really good entry level hardtail mtb

Contact details: DD link here…he-3-0/8303588

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Fran Scully Resigns

Fran Scully Resigns

As of the 31st of December Fran Scully is resigning from Motor Cycling Ireland
After been involved with the sport of motorbike racing for over 40 Fran felt he was left with no option but to relinquish all involvement with the sport that he loves.
Fran was a short circuit and road racer,a scrutineer,chief scrutineer, F.I.M technical steward and a director of Motor cycling Ireland.
The decision to resign was not an easy one for Fran but he felt it was one he had to make because of the actions by some members of M.C.I. He had been told by the short circuit committee that he must give a scrutineers licence to an individual who,for various reasons,Fran along with others felt was unsuitable as a scrutineer
Fran resigned as chief scrutineer at the end of June.
In November at the AGM of MCI a current scrutineer was elected chief scrutineer defeating Fran in a ballot by 15 votes to 12. Not having the support of the majority of MCI delegates and his concerns for the standard of scrutineering Fran felt he had to disassociate himself completely from the sport
There will be some glad to see him go but for those who understood what he was trying to do for the safety and well being of riders,officials and the sport in general will miss him. THANK YOU FRAN…..
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Dickheads sitting on parked bikes….

Dickheads sitting on parked bikes….

Was in town last night for a Christmas night out with the lads.
Leaving a takeaway at the end of the night there was a bike outside and some drunk skank sitting on it like it was a toy.
I walked over and told her to get the f*** off it, it was someone’s elses property and not a toy. Just to note, I was stone cold sober as I don’t drink anymore.
Got serious abuse off her skank mate, and when I pointed out that if I was jumping around on her car she wouldn’t like it, she agreed but continued her abuse.
Does my head in the way a***holes think bikes are some kind of toy and everyone has a right to climb all over one simply because they are no doors.
Its someones pride and joy, they’ve worked hard for it, and don’t want it ruined by some obnoxioust***.
Anyway, rant over :mad2::mad2:
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