Lidl impct wrench

Lidl impct wrench

This week in Lidl they have two impact wrenches for not a whole lot of money. Im tempted especially after having to hire one recently.

electric impact wrench…rticleId=17489

cordless impact wrench…rticleId=17488

Has anyone got one of theses and are they worth buying?

Am very tempted by the cordless for practical reasons, I dont have a garage or shed so all work is done on the front drive. Easier not to be having extension cables all over the place

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Any know of a place doing this,can the likes of a polished alu frame/swingarm be brought back to a factory finish?

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No cranking amps

No cranking amps

Went to start the 916 yesterday and found the Motobatt battery had lost it’s amps. Had it on charge a couple of days prior to the start, plus twice over the course of the winter to keep it fresh. Hasn’t been cold either and the battery is new enough. I know a permanent float charge is better, but I’m still kinda pissed off. Reckon the original Yuasa was a damn sight more robust.

Anyone try to recover one of these batts?

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CBF 600 – Installing a charger/heated grips?

CBF 600 – Installing a charger/heated grips?

Hi everyone,

I just ordered a USB charger for my 600SA (PC43) and I’m looking for instructions on how to install it.

Heated grips installation instructions would do as well, I presume it’s the same thing essentially. I need it to get power when the ignition switch (red) is in the “run position” and the key is in the ignition position too. Can someone please point me to a web site or docs that explains it?

Thank you.

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Yz250f Seized-What's the diagnosis?

Yz250f Seized-What’s the diagnosis?

Hi Guys,

Had my yz250f was running fine last few rides its an 04 anyways other day I started it and it was idling away and it just cut out and the engine seized up, kickstarter wouldnt move out of the blue

I bought it from another fella for cheap so assume engine was dogged but my question is when I go to take apart the engine what do you think the problem is, if you were to guess, what are the main culprits im looking at?


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